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Organizing for End of Life

Although it’s not a topic most people want to discuss, preparing for the inevitable end of life is one of the most important things you can do. About a year ago, my mother asked me to print a copy of … Continue reading

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personal productivity plunge

Last week I wrote about weather and productivity; I didn’t think I’d be addressing the topic again so quickly. Although the temperature has decreased somewhat, it is still hot. I am delighted to have electricity, but now I have no Internet … Continue reading

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Reader question: Feeling Regret After Letting Go

When I’m out speaking to groups, people say they are sure that as soon as they let go of something, they will find a need for it.  Last week a reader asked how she can begin the decluttering process when … Continue reading

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weather and productivity

After surviving the loss of power to my house and office earlier this week, I have no doubt that weather affects productivity. I wasn’t able to access my computer files, so I did the little bit I could do, using email and … Continue reading

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Emergency Preparedness – Hitting Home

I have written about emergency preparedness before, always as a dispassionate observer. Although I have an emergency kit and the ability to shelter in place, I didn’t seriously plan for evacuation. Although I can’t compare my situation with those in … Continue reading

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