book review – Quiet, by Susan Cain

Susan Cain was a corporate lawyer and negotiations consultant before becoming writing Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.   Those careers seem to demand a certain personality, as she says “a hardcore, wonderfully self-confident, pound-the-table kind of person.”  It turns out that Susan Cain is not like that.  At all.

After seeing her  TED talk and hearing her interviewed on the radio, I was determined to read the book.

Cain is a writer who does her research.  If you’re interested in data and the history of introversion, you’ll be delighted with the book.  She notes, for instance, that probably one-third of people are introverts. She also writes about accomplished introverts.

Unfortunately, the book doesn’t reflect the soft-spoken woman with a good sense of humor I was introduced to technologically and I found myself skipping parts of the book to get to the less esoteric information.

Since the publication of her book earlier this year, I noticed a flurry of introversion-related articles.  Here are two that I like:

This one is an article about good-paying jobs for introverts.  Note: “Writer” is not one of them.

For introverts stuck in an extroverted workplace, take a look at this article by Rachel Bertsche, author of MWF Seeking BFF.  She also refers to Cain’s book.

Are you a member of Cain’s “Quiet Revolution?” How do you manage your energy to maximize productivity and still remain true to yourself?

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