email overload

In The Clutter Book, I dedicate several pages (in fact, most of a chapter) to email. Everyone has an opinion about email – don’t open it first thing in the morning; open it first thing and put out fires; check it at regular intervals so you don’t get distracted; keep it open all day long so you can respond instantly to requests.

Whatever your opinion is on handling email, no doubt you get too much of it.

Chris Anderson, curator of the TED Conference and is on a mission to get us to think before hitting “Send.”

Really, does the recipient need the information? If you’re responding to one person in a group email, do you need to hit “Reply all?” Could you handle the issue faster and more clearly with a quick phone call?

Take a look at Chris’s Email Charter  and see what you can do to cut back on unnecessary messages. And, please, don’t email everyone on your contact list with the news that you’ve changed.

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