why I love independent book stores

I will admit that I used to enjoy shopping at borders. I could get lost in the stacks for hours and take advantage of the café when I wanted a snack or a drink. Back then, I didn’t fully appreciate what independent bookstores offer.

Now that I’m an “independent” myself, having self-published The Clutter Book, I have a greater awareness of what indie bookstores do. Apart from offering personalized service that you won’t get from a chain, independent bookstores support their communities.

One More Page Books in Arlington, VA, for example, holds book readings, kids’ activities, wine tastings, fund-raisers and other activities. There is an event going on almost every day, for all ages and types of readers. Whatever your interests are, you should be able to find something that will appeal to you.

I have a great admiration of and gratitude for the independents because they have shown me tremendous kindness as a new author. If you live in or near Arlington, VA, go visit One More Page. The staff are wonderful and they just might have a new bottle of wine or variety of chocolate to share with you. Of course, you can also get a copy of The Clutter Book while you’re there.

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