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when you can’t let go of shopping

Recently I’ve found several blog posts about living with less by buying less. Here are some that you might find useful: from My Year Without Clothes Shopping from Small Notebook from Tasmanian Minimalist Have you found that … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Thank you to all the service members who gave their lives to guarantee our freedoms and to those who still work toward that goal. I wish everyone a lovely Memorial Day, spent with people you enjoy, doing things you value.  … Continue reading

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tweets worth repeating

In case you missed them, here are a few of my recent tweets, with tips and resources for letting go of clutter: Keeping clutter out of the kitchen Don’t let kids’ art turn to clutter Rachel Meeks of … Continue reading

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Reader question: Expiring points/miles

People often ask what they should do with frequent-flyer miles that are about to expire.  Last week a reader asked what to do with credit-card points that she earned but would lose if she didn’t use them for something.  Her … Continue reading

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where do you like to read?

One of the best ways to get started with a decluttering project is to figure out how you live. Whatever system you choose to put in place has to work with your habits and tendencies. You might not be surprised … Continue reading

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Product Review – Out of Sight, Top of Mind

Clients often ask me for product suggestions to solve specific problems.  One of the objections I hear regularly is that they don’t want to file papers because they’re afraid they won’t find them.  Or, as many of them say, “Out … Continue reading

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don’t organize it

Almost every day someone tells me, proudly, that he has 20 years’ worth of paycheck stubs, but they’re all organized in file cabinets. Or she has every piece of artwork her kids ever made, but they’re all organized in boxes. … Continue reading

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