it’s the little things

My spring cleaning frenzy continues.  Last week, one of the tasks I completed was cleaning the stovetop and oven.  Although I wipe up the stovetop regularly and clean the oven when I spill something, I really despise deep-cleaning the range.  It’s greasy and messy and there are lots of pieces to deal with.

When I checked it off my list I felt great.  I had accomplished a task I disliked and I could move on to something I enjoyed doing.

Each time I’ve used the stove since then, I’ve noticed that the knobs are really bright.  I realize that nobody else will be impressed with my labor, but I am delighted each time I look at the stove.  Not only had I had taken the time to focus on an unpleasant, tedious task, but I’d done a good job.

There are so many opportunities to feel proud of your work, whether you’ve done something monumental or menial. For me, it’s the little things that bring great joy to life. I am going to continue enjoying my shiny stove controls and value my effort.

What have you done lately that you can truly appreciate?

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