spring cleaning

In the last few weeks I’ve seen a number of articles about spring cleaning.  I’ve even read a few of them to help inspire my own mad desire to get it all done.   As I remind clients, if you want to get something done, you have to schedule it.

While I really like the way house looks when it’s sparkling clean, I don’t enjoy doing the work.  To ensure everything gets done, I created a list of all the tasks and put one on the calendar each day.  It’s really not so bad when it’s spaced out over a period of time.

The best part, for me, is being able to line through each task as I do it.  Somehow, there is nothing more satisfying than a list that is completely marked up.  Yes, I admit it, I have added things to the list after I did them, just for the pleasure of crossing them off.

Along with spring cleaning my environment, I am also working on dusting and polishing my habits.  Some of them could use some updating and this is a good time to evaluate what’s been working and what needs some change.

Whether you celebrate Easter, Passover, Buddha’s birthday, the vernal equinox or some other springtime event, prepare for your festivities by clearing out your spaces and your mind.  Let me know what you’ve checked off your list and how you keep the momentum going.

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