procrastinate no more – the shower curtain saga

The second week in March is National Procrastination Week. Instead of celebrating, how about talking a look at what you’ve been putting off and find a way to make it happen?

Here’s a story to inspire you:

I bought a new shower curtain in November, to replace the ripped one I had. I couldn’t hang it, though, because I wanted to polish the curtain rod to make the rings slide more easily. Then I decided that I wanted to use the metal rings they have in hotels.

I took the old curtain off and threw it out, so I would be encouraged to move the process forward. The shower curtain sat in the package. I showered in the other bathroom.

I finally remembered to buy hooks and took the shower curtain out of the package. In January. Before I could polish the curtain rod, I cleaned the rust off it. Then I showered in the other bathroom.

I hung up the shower curtain in February and took a shower in my own bathroom. Then I realized that I really needed to buy a liner, even though the product description said you didn’t need one. Another week went by before I got to the store. Good thing there’s another bathroom, right?

Two weeks ago I actually finished the project. Curtain? Check. Liner? Check. Hooks? Check. Two weeks ago I even bought towels to match the new curtain.

Why did it take so long to finish this insignificant project? Possibly because I saw it as unimportant or because I don’t go shopping often or because I had another option for bathing. I knew it would get done eventually, but the incomplete project was hanging around, nagging at me.

What have you been procrastinating about that could be solved quickly? Can you take a step toward completion?

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