book review

The Not So Big Life:Making Room for What Really Matters by Sarah Susanka is a follow-up to her successful ve The Not So Big House: A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live. In this book, she expands her architectural philosophy to living with what you have and enjoying it.

Susanka asks you to think about what you already have that can serve the purpose before you go out and buy something new. She states, “…a high-quality life often has more to do with what we remove.”

She goes on to say, “We are facing an enormous problem in our lives today. It’s so big we can hardly see it, and it’s right in our face all day, every day. We’re all living too big lives, crammed from top to toe with activities, urgencies, and obligations that seem absolute… You can read all manner of books and dream all manner of dreams, but only when you decide that you’re really going to do something differently, and follow through with the implementation of those plans, will things begin to change. You have to start living what you’ve learned, and not just on Saturday afternoons when you have some spare time.”

This is not an organizing book, per se, but a book that challenges you to look differently at how you live. She addresses internal as well as external clutter.

Many people think their lives will get better when they have a bigger house, a better car, more hobbies, more friends. By not adding more to your life, you can live comfortably and enjoyably.

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