Remembering to do the Occasionals

Periodically I realize that I need to do something like dust the bathroom light fixtures or the tops of the doors or pictures.  These aren’t chores I do regularly and I tend not to think about them until I notice that something is dirty.

Tasks that need to be more done more often are taken care of regularly.  I know that I need to do certain household chores weekly and maintenance issues, like changing the furnace filter monthly, go on my calendar.

The sticker in my windshield for my next oil change reminds me that I need to get that done, but what about all the other things that need to be accomplished occasionally?

Since I can’t fill my windshield with reminder stickers, I realized that I need to put all my quarterly, semi-annual and annual tasks on my calendar.  When the activity comes up, I can do it or reschedule it for another day. 

How do you remember when to do occasional chores? Click on Post a Comment, below, and tell us.

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