out of the ordinary gift ideas

In the spirit of reducing my stress by using what I’ve already got (see my recent blog post ), I decided to make my life easier today.

Tomorrow is my niece’s birthday and I had planned to give her a craft kit. At her birthday party last week, though, she got several craft kits and she really doesn’t need any more stuff. I considered getting her clothes, but my sister said she doesn’t need anything.

I felt stuck. I didn’t want to introduce clutter by giving my niece more of what she already has but she’s only seven years old, so not giving her anything isn’t the answer, either.

What would I suggest to one of my clients in the same situation?

Give a gift of experience. My niece has been begging me to teach her how to use the sewing machine. I am going to give her a sewing box with scissors, needles, thread and pins. This will give her something to unwrap and a place to keep all of her tools together. Next week we will pick out fabric and a project to make together. Gift-giving dilemma solved.

Do you want to give a gift to someone who has everything? Consider giving a gift of time with that individual or a gift certificate for an experience. What other ideas do you have for gifts that are out of the usual?

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