about me

Inspired by Joel Friedlander (The Book Designer)’s post last week 15 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me  I humbly offer the following facts that most people don’t know:
1. I still use a paper planner that I carry everywhere
2. I love the beach and I collect seashells
3. I played piano when I was a child and I can still play chords and scales, but I have trouble reading music now
4. I was the first of my friends to get a driver’s license
5. I moved to Los Angeles to become a movie star
6. I worked as a graphic artist back when paste-up was done with hot wax
7. I loved the Flintstones and Batman, but I made my parents keep my closet door open at night because I was sure the Joker and the Riddler hid in there when I went to sleep
8. I went to college in London
9. I watched the 1984 Olympic torch relay
10. I think the scent of tomato-plant leaves is just as intoxicating as basil leaves
11. Valentine’s Day is my favorite day of the year, after my birthday, and I like handmade cards best
12. I like to write in pencil much more than pen
13. I was a Girl Scout until I was in high school, when I decided it wasn’t cool
14. I love that new-book smell
15. I think pizza should be its own food group

What about you? What would people be surprised to learn?

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