scarier than a black cat on halloween

I learned today that Card Case, an app that lets you pay with your smartphone instead of swiping your credit card, will allow you to pay for things without even taking your phone out of your pocket.

 “Pay without feeling you’re paying.”

Their slogan troubles me. Isn’t it better to know where your money is going? Even (especially) when you buy things that are inexpensive, like coffee or magazines, you need to be aware that you’re spending actual money on them.

The action of handing over a credit or debit card as a substitute for cash is enough of a disconnect already for most people to feel like they’re “not paying” when they make a purchase. I’m all for efficiency, but walking into a store and allowing it take money out of your bank account without your having to think about it seems like a scary proposition to me.

Great idea or disaster waiting to happen? Let us know by leaving a reply, below.

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