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NaNoWriMo update

Well, November is over and so is National Novel Writing Month. Although I have completed a non-fiction book, I am finding that it’s much harder to write fiction. With all the reading I do, I thought it would come more … Continue reading

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It’s Okay to Say No

This time of year you may find yourself overextended because you’re trying to attend every event, continue every family tradition and create a holiday season that is memorable. Staying organized during this time of year takes some effort.  One of … Continue reading

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on being thankful

Given all the bad news we hear daily, it’s even more important to stop and take a moment to be appreciative. Most of us have something to be thankful for, whether it’s health, family, friends, a home or the ability … Continue reading

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Happy Shopsgiving?

It’s that time of year again; time for people to lose their senses when they spot a “bargain.”  Not only are people seduced by the idea of saving money, but stores are making it seem even more important to start … Continue reading

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downside of self publishing

In marketing The Clutter Book, I’ve run up against numerous buyers who won’t consider it for sale in their stores. They aren’t rejecting the book because they think it’s poorly written or because it won’t appeal to their clients; the … Continue reading

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Maintaining Habits

Once you commit to starting a new habit, the hard part is maintaining it.  Reminding yourself to repeat the new behavior may be the best way to keep it up.  In the past, I have written notes to myself and … Continue reading

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about me

Inspired by Joel Friedlander (The Book Designer)’s post last week 15 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me  I humbly offer the following facts that most people don’t know: 1. I still use a paper planner that I carry everywhere 2. I love the … Continue reading

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