cash for clutter?

So many people hold on to clutter because they think it’s “worth something.” My feeling is if it’s getting in the way of your living life comfortably, then it’s not worth anything. There are people who disagree with me, though, and they perpetuate the idea that you can get tons of money from stuff you have stashed in your house.

Let’s be honest; if the “treasures” you’re holding on to are broken or obsolete, they’re not probably not going to be of use to anyone. On a recent episode of CBS’s  Early Show  the “expert” alleged that you can sell your books easily on amazon, have a yard sale or trade in used electronics for big money.

All of these activities take time and usually are not very profitable. If you are someone who likes to have the newest gadgets as soon as they come out, you might benefit from selling or trading in used electronics. For everyone else who keeps the same phone or TV for years, it doesn’t pay.

Although I don’t recommend it, if you want to spend your time researching options, pricing and listing your stuff for sale, go for it. Just don’t expect to make a bunch of money for your effort. Consider letting go of your clutter instead of thinking it’s going to fund your retirement.

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