book snob

I admit it.  I’m a book snob.  Have been for ages.

It’s true, I have read my fair share of Sidney Sheldon and Judith Kranz.  I’ve even read Shopaholic.  None of these will ever be confused with literary fiction; however, they are, for the most part, thoughtfully written, well edited, have a compelling cover and good flow.

Before The Clutter Book was published, I studied other writers’ books for content, layout and design.  I found myself getting even snobbier the closer I looked.

As a self-published author, I wanted to make sure that my book was indistinguishable from traditionally-published books.  While it’s true that anyone can print a book these days, some of the books coming from mainstream publishers just aren’t that good.  I can’t figure out how a publisher got behind them.  I hope that more people will look beyond the “self-published” label and judge books on their merit, not on their publisher.

What do you think?  Are traditionally-published books better than self-published?  Let us know by leaving a reply, below.

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