Let Go of Constant Communication

Over the weekend I saw the movie The Help and I enjoyed it thoroughly, except for the phone screen six seats down that was shining brightly into my eyes.  I didn’t realize that such a small screen could put out that much light.  Maybe the owner didn’t realize it either, but it was incredibly distracting.

Why would anyone need to use a phone while watching a movie?  I’m guessing she was texting or tweeting or facebooking or somehow communicating with people outside of the movie theatre. 

I’m not sure why some people aren’t able to ignore their digital devices for a few hours.  When did it become necessary to share your thoughts with all your followers instead of sitting quietly and watching a movie?

I believe that smart phones can be valuable tools when they are used properly.  I also believe that you need to have some technology-free time in your life.  Learning to let go of hand-held electronics can be the first step.

Do you feel like you need to be “plugged in” constantly?  Is it central to the communal experience? Click on Post a Comment, below, and tell us.

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