Finishing What I Started

I have spent the last year working on a book, which I am proud to announce will be available for purchase on later this month. I haven’t actually worked on writing the book for an entire year; some of that time was spent telling people I was writing a book. I let weeks go by without writing a word, but I told everyone I was working on my book.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to say and I read about publishing and marketing books. The outline was there and I’d write when I felt like it, but I wasn’t making much progress. Only in the past six months have I put any real, concerted effort in it.

What changed? I partnered with another writer who wanted to finish her book and we talked each week about our goal for the coming week. I also realized that I had to schedule an hour every day to write, whether I was in the mood or not. Sometimes the hour became two hours; sometimes I would quit after 45 minutes because I was just making formatting changes.

Once I got into the habit of sitting in front of the computer every day and writing, I started to think of myself as a writer, instead of someone who was working on a book. Writers have deadlines and publishers who expect them to finish so the book can be sold. I didn’t have an editor or agent or publishing house to report to, just myself. I missed three self-imposed deadlines to finish the book, which really bothered me. I accepted responsibility for not taking the project more seriously and got back to work. Now I’m looking at a release date this month.

I am extraordinarily proud of my achievement and wholly grateful to the people who helped me get this far. Next week I’ll give you a preview of the cover and a little taste of what’s inside.

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