Don’t Wait

Last week’s post and this week’s contain intensely personal feelings in response to the loss of someone I have known since I was a child. They also touch on something that I try to emphasize with clients and prospects: Don’t wait until later.

Last week, I wrote about creating a video remembrance for a friend who was terminally ill. I sent her a card a few days later, putting it off each day because I thought I had plenty of time. I didn’t. She died two days ago. Her children told me that they read the card to her even though she was already in a coma. They believe she heard them talking to her until the end.

I had the card on my desk for almost a week before I sent it. I had other, high-priority tasks to complete, but I also managed to do things that weren’t terribly important during that time. Writing it and addressing it probably took less than five minutes. I put it off because I invested in “later.”
If there is one lesson I hope to teach, it’s that there is no later, there is only now. Do what you need to do to further your goals at work and at home, but remember to take time for the people you love. Do it now, don’t wait.
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