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back on track

I have been losing sleep over the editing process for the last two weeks. My original editor took on a big job and wasn’t able to work with me. I contacted everyone I could think of, searching for another editor. After some … Continue reading

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Don’t Wait

Last week’s post and this week’s contain intensely personal feelings in response to the loss of someone I have known since I was a child. They also touch on something that I try to emphasize with clients and prospects: Don’t … Continue reading

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Video Remembrance

When I was growing up, the neighborhood kids ran in and out of each other’s houses. Most of the moms were home, so someone always knew what you were up to. Without getting into the whole “it takes a village” … Continue reading

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Donating Medical Supplies

After my recent presentation at the Schweinhaut Senior Center, I got a lot of questions about what to do with specific items that people don’t need. Although there isn’t always a dedicated place to donate something, most thrift shops accept … Continue reading

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