Makin’ a List and Checkin’ it Twice

People take on more responsibilities this time of year and experience stress trying to get it all done. How are you going to remember everything you have to do? What can you put on a list that will save your sanity, budget and time?

The best way to contain all the actions you need to complete is to make a list. You can make a list for packing a suitcase, gift ideas, party recipes, places you want to take out-of-town visitors or any other group of information you want to remember.

Although I usually refer to refer to “writing” your lists, they can be on paper or electronic. If you prefer paper, keep all your lists in one place, either in a notepad, on a clipboard or in a file folder. You also can create a permanent checklist by laminating your paper list and using a dry-erase marker to check items off so you can reuse it.

If you use a smartphone or other electronic device, name your lists as if you created them on paper; don’t just lump everything into one giant “To Do” list.

Ta-da List allows you go create simple lists and check off the items you’ve completed . You can create and share lists with Jibidee or My Todos.
Martha Stewart  and  Real Simple both have lots of pre-printed checklists that might be useful for you.

Whether you write your own checklist or choose one that someone else created, make sure you keep it where you can find it and refer to it often to keep you on track.

What can you put on a list that will save your sanity, budget and time?  Click on Post a Comment, below, and tell us.

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