publishing quandries

I’m taking advice about publishing companies. Lulu? Borders? iUniverse? Brown Books? Amazon? What’s your experience been with any of these?

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3 Responses to publishing quandries

  1. tenwhiskey says:

    Your question is vague. Do you wish to self publish and handle all the details of editing and selling yourself; or turn the manuscript over after professional editing to a printer distributor?

  2. Ten Mile says:

    Tao of Pauly has recently published through Lulu, as has another author I read.

    I mention Tao as the most obvious because he blogs of his experiences from thought to why to going to Amazon for the distribution aspect. His writings of the experiences covers about six months (maybe a year) writing every day, week or so of it.

    The other writer assumed the responsibility of distribution because his day job requires travel and he combines the efforts.

    Self publishing isn’t nice.

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