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Everybody Loves a Bargain

With all the discouraging economic news, it seems that many Americans have begun to adopt some of the principles of thriftiness. Experts predict that the behaviors will not stick once the economy turns around; instead, people are making a short-term … Continue reading

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News from the Batcave

Within 10 days I had two wildlife specialists in my house responding to two bat sightings. Since then, I had some modifications made to ensure the bats aren’t able to return. Although I am still walking around in a state … Continue reading

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How Small Can You Go?

I am fascinated by small homes. There is less to take care of and you make less of an impact on the environment.  Of course, there’s also less you can live with. The EDGE, (Experimental Dwelling for a Greener Environment) … Continue reading

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Do it Your Way

When I work with clients, they often want to know how other people handle a situation or what other people do with their clutter. I always wonder why they want to know what someone else does. Is it because they’re … Continue reading

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