Oprah’s Organizing

I was very excited to see the March 2010 issue of O The Oprah Magazine, where most of the magazine is dedicated to organizing all the parts of your life.

Experts provide their ideas for organizing everything from tools to recipes. Suze Orman helps you “spring clean” your finances. An article called The Ten Habits of Highly Organized People includes one of my favorite suggestions: Schedule regular decluttering sessions to help you achieve your goal.

There is an office makeover and a list of places to donate your cast offs. Even Oprah gets in on the organizing action by purging some things from her closet. She is auctioning on eBay items she no longer wears, including this blue jacket from the 2016 Olympics bid, with the proceeds benefiting her Leadership Academy in South Africa.

Read more about the ebay auction and get more organizing tips on Oprah’s Website.

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