Seasons Change

It’s time to say goodbye to summer. My neighbor has closed up his pool and it’s time for me to clean out the garden shed. While I don’t look forward to this task, it’s something I know I have to do every year so that I can start out next spring with everything in order.

After I empty it out, I hose down the floor, which has been visited by numerous wildlife over the past few months. I look at everything in the shed to determine whether I need to keep it for the following year or if it can get donated or thrown away. Right now I’m torn about my reel lawnmower. I haven’t used it because I get the grass cut by the condo association, but it still sits in the back of the shed. If I replace the fence in the back of my house I’ll need to start mowing my own lawn again. I don’t have plans to replace the fence anytime soon, so I think it’s time to let the lawnmower go to someone who will actually use it.

It’s also time to put the patio furniture away. If I were really ambitious, I would wax the furniture before I put it away, but I just wipe it down and put it in the shed. I have one wrought iron piece that I usually paint in the spring, because it gets rusty, but that’s the extent of my furniture care. The umbrella goes, too, as I say goodbye to summer and welcome autumn.

What seasonal tasks are you planning to complete? Click on comments, below, and tell us.

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