Cutting Back on Hobbies

This has been my summer of finishing projects. One of the things I decided to do to support this goal was to reduce my crafts supplies. I have collected crafting treasures ever since I was a child, learning new crafts and letting others go as the years passed. I finally realized that I will never have the time to do every craft that looks interesting, so I am going to concentrate on the few that I really enjoy: crochet, card making and sewing. That meant paring back the supplies that I am keeping and getting rid of everything else.

I never thought I could get rid of these “old friends,” but it’s time. Now someone else will be able to enjoy them and have great fun with them. When you narrow your choices and spend time on things you really enjoy, you don’t waste time on maintaining stuff you don’t need or want.

What can you reduce or eliminate that will make your life easier? Click on comments, below, and tell us.

Organized by Marcie: Getting you organized so you have time to do what you love to do!

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