Junk Mail Overload

I previously wrote about junk mail, but I am all riled up today because I just picked up my mail after being gone for a week and found the following in my box: 12 pieces of junk mail and 4 pieces of real mail. One of the envelopes even fooled me well enough to open it; the return address was my bank’s, but the contents included those deceptive “convenience checks” that aren’t really checks at all, they are charged to your credit card if you use them. If you find those in your mail and you don’t plan to use them, please shred them so they don’t get used by someone else.

I recommend the Mail Preference Service, https://www.dmachoice.org, to all my clients who want to reduce their junk mail intake. When you go to the Direct Marketing Association’s website you can opt out of credit card offers, catalogs, magazines and other mail offers. I have done it myself and it works, for the most part, but a small amount of junk still slips through.

Anyone have an idea how to stop getting mail from Comcast and Verizon, who are the worst offenders, in my opinion, at 2-3 envelopes a week?
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