Be Prepared

It’s not just a scouting motto. Among other weather-related incidents in the last few weeks, my neighborhood has lost power and water service on different days. The water was out for less than 24 hours, but we were under a boil-water advisory for two days after service was restored. Stores ran out of bottled water early on the first day and people were angry that they couldn’t find water to buy.

As a former resident of Los Angeles, I always have my “earthquake bag” packed and ready to go. The supplies include water, cereal, crackers, granola bars, peanut butter, tuna in pouches, underwear, socks, toilet paper, first-aid kit and cash. In addition, I keep extra bottled water in my basement.

Because you never know what kind of emergency you will face, it is important to be at least minimally prepared. You don’t need to fill a bunker with provisions; start out with a duffel bag or backpack and fill it with three days’ worth of supplies (see for a list). Food doesn’t last forever, so put a note on your calendar to rotate out the dry goods annually. Don’t wait until an emergency happens to take action.

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