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Messiest House Contest

On Wednesday, July 2 at 9 pm (and in reruns to come) the Style Network will reveal the winners of Clean House’s “Messiest Home in the Country” contest. The house that was chosen for the makeover belongs to a couple … Continue reading

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Be Prepared

It’s not just a scouting motto. Among other weather-related incidents in the last few weeks, my neighborhood has lost power and water service on different days. The water was out for less than 24 hours, but we were under a … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Pay For

I recently received a postcard offering me BIG TAX SAVINGS! All I had to do was send the company $25 (plus $4 for shipping and handling) for a booklet providing me with “a convenient way to summarize and a proper … Continue reading

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Now You See It, Now You Don’t

People frequently ask me how someone can live with clutter and not recognize it. The truth is that some people actually don’t see the clutter around them. Clutter generally takes some time to build up and when it becomes too … Continue reading

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