Got Gift Cards?

Are you still carrying around gift cards you got last December (or earlier)?

Gift cards have become more popular than ever, especially with children and teenagers. You can carry them around in the event you might go to the store, or you can keep them in a safe place, at home, until you are ready to use them. Either way, some gift cards have expiration dates or fees that apply when they aren’t used, keeping you from enjoying the full value of the gift card.

A free website, called GiftCardTRACKER, allows you to keep track of your gift cards, paper gift certificates and online gift certificates. You can also set up email reminders to yourself so you remember to use the cards. You can note what you want to use the card for, too.

They also offer a “Gift Card Report Card,” which is a list of companies that sell gift cards and what the expiration terms are. The list is helpful whether you already have gift cards, or if you are thinking of buying them for someone.

For more information, go to

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