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Hit or Miss

Although it is still cold out in many parts of the country, it is not too early to start planning a gardening project. If you are going to be digging this spring and summer to plant or add features to … Continue reading

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Staying Positive

Some days it’s hard to have a positive attitude. Maybe you’re not feeling well or you’re trying to fit too much work into one day, or things just don’t seem to be going your way. Everyone is entitled to an … Continue reading

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Recently both Dr. Phil and Oprah Winfrey have devoted entire programs to the subject of hoarding. While the TV shows were dramatic, it is important for people to realize that there are different levels of hoarding, as defined by The … Continue reading

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The Myth of Time Management

Although I, too, fell for all the time management hype in the 1980s, I finally realized that I cannot manage time. Everyone gets the same 24 hours a day to use; all I can do is manage myself in the … Continue reading

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